Get ‘unready’ with me bedtime routine👻

Hey loves! Today’s post is going to go through my pretty extensive bed time routine. This usually happens after a shower before bed 😊 I will try run through the reasons I use these products, how I came about them, their benefits and some cons alongside links for where you can get them! 👻

1.)I and papaya this body lotion is awesome for moisturising skin! My skin is not particularly dry but the scents infused with this lotion are truly delicious! I use this casually before bed just to keep my skin well moisturised , I try to do this every night but this step isn’t imperative unless i’ve had a shower before bed. However, I feel like if your skin was particularly dry then the lotion would not protect and give you the best treatment as it is not especially made for people with specific skin types. I would recommend using another cream alongside for proper conditioning. :)
You can get this product at you local Savers store!

2.)Vaseline essential moisture- cocoa radiant This coco butter lotion smells beautiful and gives extra care for your skin! The moisture really leaves your skin feel like its glowing and helps tackle any dry skin. It has pure cocoa butter which helps to enrich the skin, with a multi(3)layered moisturising system. However, whilst the smell is pleasant I still prefer the fruity smell of the first lotion, sometimes the cocoa can be a bit to cosmetic and heavy on your skin.
You can get this from most drug stores 😍🐤

Time for my favourite skin care products before bed💁

3.)Tea tree facial wipes these face wipes are such a useful edition to your makeup collection! I probably use two a day and get through packs of these badboys! Face wipes have multiple beauty, hygienic and practical purposes. For one, after washing your face in the morning, face wipes can be a handy tool to remove any leftover panda eyes from stubborn eye makeup, as well as prep your skin for an even and cleansed base before you apply fresh make up. Another benefit of using face wipes before actually applying your makeup is that these particular tea tree wipes help absorb the natural sebum(oils) that build on your face as well as work as an effective preventer of acne. Both these benefits mean that you are getting the best before and aftercare when using harsh cosmetic products. Most importantly, wet wipes help take the entire day off and helps remove any dirt and makeup that your facewash missed. I am obsessed with face wipes after a night out!!

4.)Clinique- take the day off This oil based makeup remover really helps dissolve the makeup on your face and literally takes the day off. This focuses on the eyes and lips, including my stubborn “They’re real” mascara as well as lasting gel liners. This is really helpful as it avoids waking up with panda eyes which can be a real hassle in the mornings to get rid of when you’re in rush. The only thing I dislike about this as it has a really greasy feel to it, and it feels a bit heavy and unhealthy for the skin.
Obviously, you can get this from any Clinique counter, based in Debenhams. They also do a balm and samples so feel free to try these out before investing as they are quite expensive!

Witch Hazel my holy grail! I love this astringent so much, it really has a lot of benefits. Using this before bed not only works as a toner to remove any left over dirt, but using this raw astringent helps to minimise and reduce the size of pores; doing this lets less sebum on the skin and therefore less oil is able to produce and thus prevents blocking pores. The only disadvantage is the smell of the raw plant is a little unpleasant but bearable.Mine is from Savers and is a raw witch hazel plant extract.

Skin clearing face moisturiser with tea tree and Eucalyptus and Sudocream!
Last but not least my final most important editions to my bed time regime. The skin cream by T zone has been a really inexpensive and essential routine as it definitely helps to prevent breakouts whereas the sudocream helps to tackle existing ones. Both are awesome products that I could not recommend enough, I urge everyone to own one in their skin care collection especially if you are dealing with acne prone, teenage skin!

I know this was a lengthy post but I love all these products so much that I could not wait to share them with you! Feel free to ask any more questions or recommend any products that you use! See you next week loves!😍😍😍❤️


How I achieve and maintain my big curly hair!

Happy sunday loves! 😻✨
Today’s post is a repost from my original blog as it was so popular this month! 1.5k in two weeks for a post is awesome! Thank you😊

As the title suggests, I will be telling you guys about my big curly hair, how I got it and what I use to maintain it.

My hair is naturally quite straight and thin due to frequent straightening, but after a while of straight hair, I decided it was time for a change. I got a perm with a few tracks (rows of extensions put in.) The perm gives my hair the natural boost/curls whilst the tracks give me length and volume. I really love the look of them both together!

Firstly, I went to a local salon in Nottingham and got the perm done. Many people asked if it hurt-no! There was the tiniest pull and tug whilst my hair was being put into rollers but other than that it’s fine. The hairdresser than covers my hair in some chemicals that help my hair to maintain in that specific shape when wrapped around a roller.

The maintaining part of the process is pretty easy. The truth is, it doesn’t take me more than a couple of seconds to do my hair in the morning, I literally do not have to touch it.😻 The perming process does make my hair feel thw tiniest bit dry, but I use Argan oil shampoos and oils to enrich my hair and help repair any damage caused. Other than this, I use no other products to achieve the big fro.

If you have any more questions, just comment below and i’ll answer as soon as possible! Have a great week my love ducks! 🐤😍



Blog update

I decided to put my beauty blog on the same site as my academic blog to make everything easier to manage, hence a very random jump between studies and hobbies. I used to have two separate blogs but I could never update as often. Anyway, I’ll make my categories easier to follow in the next coming week. 😊✨


It’s been a while since I posted on this! I have now finished my A levels and passed with results I am really really pleased with :) I am currently studying Politics at Nottingham University :) I just wanted to let you know that I still receive emails from new year 13 students asking for help with essays and questions, since my mind is still pretty fresh with A level topics, I will be happy to help if you email me at I will also be posting my Politics university revision notes now too :) thanks for supporting my blog!

Help with “marketing strategy” and marketing and other issues etc questions. F293 revision business studies ocr


So I got an email yesterday and tried to help someone answer a question that asks to “recommend a marketing strategy.” For this question, you need to base it around the four 4 p’s as much as possible.That is, product, price, place and promotion. These are some of the points I suggested to consider. Hope it helps anyone! :)

As in talk about product, price place and promotion like what factors are there to consider. Okay so like,
Price: can they afford it? if not why not? how do we know? what are the costs associated? if they cant afford it should they forget about it or should they find another source of finance? which one and why?
Promotion: what adverising should they use? above the line or below the line? which type? how much will it cost? justify the best way why you think that. How could they promote the product successfully?
Product: how can they make their product market well? will they need to focus on what kind of production method they will be using? which one and why? do they have the USP to market the product well? should they carry out market research to have a more customer orientated product?
Place; what channels of distribution should they use and why? which one is most beneficial and what are the drawbacks of the one you  choose? should they stock the product or have a stockist or an outlet? 
Hope this helps?? its just about getting into as much detail about these things and it should help..

Goodbye F297!

Hi everyone,

How did your F292 exam go? What questions did you enjoy and did you expect any? Did you find  any difficult? Be sure to let me know!

I hope everyone gets the grades we deserve! After today my focus will be F293 so also let me know anything you would like help with, as always on here or :)

Interest rates are set to rise in 2015′. Assess how this will affect APSL’s strategic direction. (23)

**This question was kindly posted on my ‘About’ page comments, anonymously

Interest rates are set to rise in 2015′. Assess how this will affect APSL’s strategic direction. (23)

Interest rates are the cost of borrowing and the reward for saving. If interest rates increase the cost of borrowing increases. A rise in interest rates will therefore make it more difficult to reduce gearing if they have variable interest rates because total interest payments will rise. Therefore Net profit will fall which will also make it more difficult to increase the returns for the shareholders. If interest rates are fixed then they will not be affected in the short-term but it is likely that they will only be fixed for a 2-5 year period.

A rise in interest rates will also mean that consumer spending is likely to fall as mortgage costs will rise meaning that discretionary income will fall for many households. Furthermore, it makes savings more attractive and makes it more expensive to borrow/use credit cards for big ticket items. APSL supplies to firms making Caravans, lawnmowers, shower trays etc which are all big ticket items so are likely to be bought using credit for many consumers. Therefore the demand for these products may fall, especially if incomes aren’t increasing at the same pace so APSL may face a fall in sales in the UK market. They may have to discount to maintain sales levels which would reduce profit margins.

A rise in interest rates is likely to appreciate the pound. This is because overseas investors will take advantage of higher interest rates in the UK and buy pounds to put into UK bank accounts. An appreciation of the pound makes exports dearer and imports cheaper. This will make it more difficult to achieve their objective of increasing exports. They may need to cut prices to offset the exchange rate appreciation. However, it is unlikely that the exchange rate will appreciate against all markets and it may not have an impact if other countries such as the EU put up interest rates as well. In the case of the EU and USA this is highly likely as these countries have had similar economic problems to the UK. Furthermore, products like flaxiboard are likely to be price inelastic as it is lighter and environmentally friendly so will be bought because of it’s features rather than price.

In conclusion, a rise in interest rates will make it more difficult for APSL to achieve its strategic objectives. However, they are unlikely to change their direction as they are aiming to export which spreads the risk of rising interest rates and they are have focused of product differentiation in terms of quality, making products less price elastic so less vulnerable to interest rate changes.